Top Tips from Architects

Design and Energy Efficiency

•    Energy efficiency is considered an integral part of any extension and refurbishment. Do you have any specific requests, for example for using energy from renewable sources (solar hot water, wood pellets etc)?
•    Insulating external or internal walls for better thermal performance – your architect will advise on the best option and on any planning requirements
•    Upgrading of windows to improve the thermal performance and reduce heat loss, also known as U-values. For example, upgrading an existing sunroom or conservatory with triple glazing can ensure that it can be used all-year-round.
•    Improving the air-tightness of your home to avoid unwanted air leaks. Commonly a door-blower test is used to identify air leaks.
•    Fitting of renewable energy sources such as solar collectors for hot water, wood pellet boilers or heat pumps. As these are expensive additions, your architect will advise on the payback implications.
•    Remodelling your home for better orientation to benefit from light. Your architect may recommend changes to the layout or opening up a south-facing wall to benefit from sunlight, also known as passive solar gain.
•    See the Sustainsble Energy website for grant information for upgrade of existing homes